To Jade – the beautiful, wonderful woman who has always been there for me

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This blog is for the woman who’s been there for me for years, the beautiful, wonderful woman to whom I owe my life!

I feel I should say a few words to strengthen our marriage, as I feel it’s not been easy living with me – not because I’m a bad guy; just because, Jade, like me you’ve been forced into a change of massive proportions.

Maybe I no longer seem the same guy I was before, but that guy’s still there, just different. I have to be you see? Stroke has knocked the crap out of me; I had to become serious, get angry, FOCUS! Trying to deal with moving again, lack of emotions, the loss of my old life…..something only stroke survivors would really understand.

I don’t smoke or drink any more so I don’t enjoy the same kind of gatherings I once did. The new me wants to go out for meals and a good chin wag and…..oh, I don’t know… anything really.

I can’t change you.  I HAVE changed but if you look close I am a better man, I really am and I want to still take care of you and love you!

Sorry I’ve held you back these last few years but I really BELIEVE we can bounce back stronger than ever. We ARE strong, we’ve proved that – and if we keep going it will only become stronger.

I love you Jade; together we can make it spunky!

BELIEVE in your Pete!!!!


2 thoughts on “To Jade – the beautiful, wonderful woman who has always been there for me

  1. Thank you Pete, Like you I am a Stroke survivor and my beautiful wife Diane has been my Rock throughout and it has not been easy for her or my family while I was coming to terms with my new found disability. I am the same person on the inside but with somewhat different emotions and more difficult to talk too. Stay strong brother.


    • You really want to show her your the same , but your not at the same time !!!
      The truth of the matter is we arnt the same , but we still need your loving the same
      And to except the new me !!!
      It’s easier said than done
      But it’s just 1 more challenge in “stroke ey !! “


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