Fear of dying? Then get your blood & blood pressure checked!

It could save your life!!

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What is this fear of dying I just can’t shake off? Nowadays, I find myself thanking God daily for my life, for continuing to guide me and for helping me be strong for my family, friends and those weaker than me.

I BELIEVE he’s listening!

Every day I get small reminders of how valuable life is, and if you’re lucky enough not to be touched by illness you really should try your best to live as healthily as you can.

‘Yer yer yer,’ – some will stop reading here I expect!!! But just give me a sec….

Me and this guy in the pool were talking last night; he was telling me about his recent diagnosis of prostate cancer and showed me the scars where surgeons had cut into his belly in 3 places. He stressed that, if he hadn’t had a full BLOOD TEST,  the cancer would have gone undetected and probably have killed him in six months!!! He’s lucky they caught it when they did.

While chatting we agreed on something I could relate to with my own journey: “I look around,” he said “and now I know my life’s on a sticky wicket. All I see are healthy people trying to destroy themselves!!!!


I didn’t, that’s for sure!!! “Pass me a spliff! I don’t care!!!!” Ignorance is bliss, ey? Until the wheels fall off!

I’m not saying this to lecture you – truth be told I wouldn’t have listened myself 3 years ago so I don’t expect you will either. But hopefully, I can persuade you to at least CHECK YOUR BLOOD AND BLOOD PRESSURE soon!! It might stop YOUR wheels coming off!

Bit of a serious blog, sorry.

But I care so I gotta try ey?!!!




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