Love my nuts!

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Got ya attention, ey?!!! Well, I mean for rehab!!!! Peanuts!!

I’ve been using peanuts for a long time now, just trying to pick em up was a challenge, and getting them to my mouth an even bigger challenge !!

In the evening on the sofa I’m normally buggered, but there’s a few things I must do in this down time; many hours are wasted otherwise in the course of a year or so.

1 – hand grips or ‘grip masters’ as they’re called.

2 – 1k weight for so many exercises (wrist) up & down, side to side, any way that makes your wrist work hard basically!!

3 – Electric stim (seen on my video page )

And, of course, me good old nuts!!!

I practised lifting them close to at first, as getting nuts to my mouth was difficult and usually hit or miss. Over the months, I gradually moved the box further away from me – to the side.  They’re quite fattening so I’d try sultanas as well.

Thought I’d mention this as you can’t just start lifting weights. To get the movement going, just lifting your arm is hard enough, but peanuts give you a bloody good work out in the beginning….AND they’re very tasty!

There’s always something you can do. Always!!!

I saw my doctor yesterday who said my cholesterol is still a bit high. “Try eating almonds,” he said so, me being me, I now have a box full next to the sofa, like a squirrel, ey? Hahaha

Good luck out there !!

Pete xx


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