A day in the life….millipedes, mates & memories of Shents

I wasn’t going to write about Shenton Park Rehab again , but it’s been a  real pic ‘n’ mix bag of feeling sort of a day.
I awoke at 3am and had planned to go for a last visit to Chateau Shents (not at 3 am)  but, once awake, I got an idea to catch the night staff as well and I’m so glad I did! I got to see “Nurse Elena” (spelled right, her way -haha! You didn’t catch me out!!)
Elena was the night nurse who caught that bloody millipede crawling around
me that stormy night I wrote about in my book. (See Extract: https://petercoghlan.com/2014/07/15/midnight-horror-whats-that-crawling-up-my-arm/)
I got to see her on her shift, maybe for the last time, ‘cos I’m not driving to Fiona Stanley at that hour again, bugger that!!!
I had a sad feeling as I looked round the tired looking wards and tried to take in the fact that “this was it for me”. My journey in Shents was over; it was gonna to be a memory now. I wouldn’t go back there back again, what with work stuff so it was all over, red rover! Adios amigos !!
Oh well everything changes
Upward an onwards, Pete !!

I had a coffee with the King of ‘speechy world’ David Harrison (it was a fiver – yer!!) He wants me to talk at a AAA meeting or what ever its called – sounds like alcohol helpers group !! Hahaha!
Then my day sank a little. I popped into see my mate Craig at the bowling club near there, as he’d said to come over!!! He told me he was having a down week and I could feel his pain. His arm is still not working!
He was so down, so ” sick of this shit! ” And I wanna get this B.F.L OFF !!!!
(that’s a leg or foot support to aid walking that fits behind your calf ).
I didn’t know what to say to him; I just listened.
He’s older than me, early 50s, I think – a mortgage broker who had 3 houses before his stroke and he was doing really well, all set for retirement, or so he thought! Bloody crap ey !!!!
You work hard all ya working life and think you’re getting there and Bam! STROKE !!!!
He’s a tough bloke so should be okay I think next week. By Christ I have felt like that too many times to mention, only difference I sobbed my heart out !!!!
You become very tough dealing with stroke, NOT JASON STRATHAM
TOUGH, I mean in the mind. Messed up but tough!! Be proud you other strokies out there!!! Remember what folks tell you, “one day at a time!” Hate that saying, but it’s so true !!

The day then shot up again to a great ending! Ben,  my old nurse, had sent me a voucher for our local supermarket, 100 dollars too ( nice mate , nice!!!!!!!! )
So I whizzed round the shop and filled the trolley half full. Well chuffed I was!
Top bloke, Ben Allen – RESPECT BUDDY !!!
Wonder what tomorrow will bring….

(Gone with the Wind. Yes, I know! I know you knew that !!!)

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