Rocky Road Recovery for Ryan

Sounds like my old Shents room-mate Ryan Marron has got his voice back!
I popped in to see the star yesterday. Toni and Ryan had recently come back from the States, so they were in good spirits. I brought a slab of Rocky Road round which went down well, I think. Don’t know what Cookies and More put in it but 10 mins after Ryan ate some of it he did a transfer almost on his own to the sofa!! Once settled in comfort, he was keen to sing out a favourite song of his – “All For You” by Are Lady Peace.
There was just no stopping him, he was off, trilling through the scales!
Not quite Michael Jackson but he amazed me; from never really saying a thing to full on vocals!!! Like a wolf to the moonlight – but better than that,  Ryan, ey mate?!!!”
I had to smile, it was a wonderful moment and he was just loving it. The brain’s incredible, Ryan still knows the lyrics word for word. I know that because I could hear the tune and even though it might not appear Ryan knows them to anyone else,  he sure does! This time next year, it’ll be obvious to everyone. It’s true what they say about singing; it’s easier to get words out from the musical part of the brain than by merely talking. How weird is that, ey? There’s no doubt in my mind, singing is gonna bring back the speech for sure. Ryan’s got some lungs on him as well!
For those who haven’t been following my blogs, Ryan was bitten by a mozzy up north and it let him paralysed, stripped of everything… to see the cheeky bugger scoffing Rocky Road with head phones on, looking like Stevie Wonder was bloody awesome!!!!
Going great guns, Ryan….
And Toni…thanks for the fits of laughter. My God it was a scream!
Love you guys! x
Not sure if this will work – but here’s a file link of Ryan’s singing! Hurry, though, it’s  only downloadable for another 4 days!

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