Putting my foot down on the fast track to recovery

What an amazing morning!! I’m so emotional right now, if I could skip and dance I would!!!!
I’ve been doing foot raises off the edge of the bed for as long as I can remember, an exercise that has slowly built up to my being able to get my foot 4 inches off the ground. That’s taken at least a year or so, practicing for half an hour here and there almost every day and this morning I was rewarded. Let me tell you!!
Jade was in bed and I was up at 3am this morning dropping friends at the airport. As I got home at 4am-ish I thought I may as
well go to my cleaning job, as working out of hours at any time is cool.

It was still dark when I finished
I Finished it was still dark , not – nothing but me and Perth’s noisy crows (not sure whether crows are the country’s national bird but if not they should be!) ‘Aarrrrh arrrh arrrrrrrrrrr!’
Well if you live here you’ll get the sound I’m trying to describe – These birds always sound depressed! Ohhh another day!!”, they seem to be crying, “Do we have to!!!”
Anyway as it’s dead that time of the morning I thought, “You know what? I’m gonna try driving with my right foot.” My heart was beating, and I prayed to God to watch over me before proceeding to change my pedal over from the left to the right side. I knew my foot was lifting now so I merely wanted to see if I could use my right foot again…..and I was doing it!!
I had to pull over and slumped over the steering wheel, sobbing my heart out.
For me this is a major win – driving an auto normally !!
Whoohooooo!!!!!!!!! I couldn’t wait to tell Jade!
Going to see my ex-physio, Alisha, next week too – talk about timing! Just before Shenton Rehab shuts down. “What a Result!!!” Now my foot is gonna be lifting a lot more and I wonder if this will help me run again one day??
I felt like yelling one of Rocky’s famous sayings:

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