A ‘Sinister’ Plot? Everything’s left-handed!

I’m desperately trying to help my right arm catch up with my left arm, but everything seems to be on the left – at least to me! Like driving. The gear shift (left); handbrake (left); electric windows (left); the left hand grabs the seat belt and plugs it in (ON THE LEFT!!!)

These ‘sinister’ manoeuvres take place several times a day, every day, when I need to be doing them with my right!!! No wonder everything’s faster on one side. So annoying!!

Anyway, the upshot is I’ve gotta try and think of things I can do with my right arm, such as emptying shopping bags and stirring the pan. I hoover right-handedly and try to use a cloth with my right hand when cleaning, but my fingers give me the shits!!! For now all I can do is take my frustrations out on my punch bag or my stretchy band!!!

On the plus side I can open a tin of beans now with my finger on the right (it’s always been a bit tricky). As for the car, I feel the only solution is to move to America for a year where I can use my right hand to drive!

Yeah……I could just picture me in a trans am…..oh yeah……open highway!! Bloody right!

image (35)


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