Farewell Shenton Park!

Shenton Park

I popped in to my life-saving rehab centre today, Shenton Park (or ‘Chateau Shents’, as they called it). Even though it was hell on earth being there, I feel drawn to it somehow. Weird, ey?? It’s like seeing your old pack again – animal like; faces you have known, cried with, tucked you in at night….Don’t need to go on….Everything!!! ”

So rewarding talking to patients; think I’d have made a good nurse, though whether patients would agree…!! Took a few photos of the old place in case I don’t manage to get back there before they close it down in October. I really feel for some of the staff there. One lady was telling me her concerns: “I’m 60! What am I going to do now? Who wants to take on a 60-year old woman?”
Hopefully theyll all find jobs. It’s bloody sad, but I understand now. Dietician, ‘Wayne’ told me Fiona Stanley is gonna be smarter, more efficient and everything digital for food orders etc., and it’ll be easier for nurses to handle patients with more room for hoists (or ‘cranes’ is the word I’d use).
I just worry that patients won’t get regular visits, as it’s a real trek for us north of the river (‘Northern monkeys’ Londoners use to call us back in the Green Land!)
I took a strawberry cheesecake log from my works for everyone on the ward which seemed to go down well. Not surprising – Cookies & More do bloody good cheesecakes! Gets hard to work there on my diet, really hard! Hahaha
Of course, I HAD to drop in on my lovely secret weapon physio Alisha who always has time for me; but I suspect some of the nurses and therapists run and hide when they see me coming! “Quick, it’s Pete! Get away! Run for it!! We haven’t got a spare hour or three!!!”
I can’t help it! Nurses and therapists are so nice; they’re trained to be!! Hahaha, bet they can have an argument smiling:
“Yes, yes, how are you? (He’s here again for God’s sake!) You’re doing so well, Peter – and how’s the Mrs? (Hope he goes soon!) Great to see you, thanks for coming by to say ‘Hello’ (Now piss off please!)”
Sad to think there are a lot of people there I’ll never see again!!
They, on the other hand, might be relieved at the prospect!!
Supposed to keep these blogs short – ‘short ‘n’ sweet’, Jacy Brean said. In other words, I gotta learn to shut up!!

SHENTON PARK YOU SERVED US WELL!!!! God bless you and  all that served in you!!!

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