A heartfelt tribute to all you wonderful nurses!

I felt the need for this one for all those great nurses out there!! I used to write poems in school instead of maths so, (don’t laugh) here goes:

“Nurses are special, so special indeed Where would I be, I was so in need!!

When I was useless and weak and feeling like shit, You were always there to give me a drip!!

When I couldn’t eat or move a single muscle, you were there giving my covers a rustle!!

An itch, a scratch, a cry and a dose, drying my eyes and blowing my nose!! There’s really no limit how far your love goes!!!

Clean sheets, clean bum, I’m all tucked in, you were always there though I never stopped buzzin’!!!

I love you all more than words could say, “Thank God for nurses” that’s all I can say!!!!!

I wish I’d thought of becoming a nurse, ‘cos they’re the best kind of folk in the whole universe!!

I’ll never forget you as long as I live! You’re so unique and ready to give.

It takes something special to become a great nurse, no money is ever too much for your purse!!

(That’s hard to rhyme, just try it sometime!!)

Just one thing before ending this rhyme, whoever’s in charge give them nurses more time!!!”

Well, that’s my street cred gone! I didn’t like maths and I didn’t master poetry either, so Dylan Thomas I’m not! (Maybe should have paid attention in school, ey?) But for what it’s worth, it comes from the heart! Thank you, thank you all you wonderful, amazing lads and lasses!

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