Speech tips for stroke recovery

Someone asked me recently about how I got my speech going.

Well it’s hard to pinpoint; a combination of screaming, trying to hold my breath (seemingly impossible with my soft palate), and reading out loud definitely worked, as it used to burn the most – my lungs felt on fire!
The reading aloud helped my breath support, my lip movement, tongue and pronunciation immensely. Highly recommended !!!!!

Exercise helped too (bike), but if you can’t manage that then just read out loud. My dog used to go to the back door thinking I was mental! nudging his nose on the glass patio door as if to say, “Get me away from this crazy idiot!!!!” Hahahaha, sorry Cody!

We learned to walk together, me with the effects of being locked-in, Cody after having a leg reconstruction – if you read my book you’ll understand what happened to him, poor beggar! But least it meant he didn’t pull me over. Unlucky for him, lucky for me!!

The 10,000 dollars for his treatment wasn’t lucky, though; I’m still paying it off me bloody credit card! Bloody animals. Maybe that’s the karma coming back to me; by me saving Cody’s life, God saved mine. Never know I guess but nice thought, ey ?!!!

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