A fresh start – at the Cookie Factory

It’s been a pretty productive week all in all. I approached a disability agency for work – my little cleaning job wasn’t enough, you see.

This is a new government assistance scheme that gets you back in work while the government helps employer pay your wages (bloody great, ey?). In short, it means someone like me can start off with a part-time job to begin with and my salary is topped up by Centerlink – or, as we old school poms call it, the dole office! The great thing is with this scheme, it stops me getting overtired, as fatigue is a problem after a stroke.

You DO have to qualify but if, like me, you’re safe, ready and able, it’s well worth looking into. Of course, I can only speak for Australia, although there are sure to be similar benefit systems in other parts of the world. (Not sure whether UK or USA run anything like it yet but they certainly should!)
On a personal level, it now means I can support Jade more without being a danger driving home due to tiredness. And I’ll still have energy left to keep building my strength up at the gym or to get the housework done, or make dinner, which will help Jade a lot and take the strain off us a bit.

Anyway, the agency found me 10 hours at a cookie factory called Cookies and More. As the name implies, they distribute cookies, cheesecakes (and more)!!! Everyone’s nice there, so I think I’ll be ok for as long as I need the work! Okay, it’s just cleaning, but I’m happy doing that – after all, that why I set up a website for cleaning services, something I’ve been doing for years, especially in the army. I joined up to see the world but what they don’t tell you beforehand is that you have to clean it too! HaHa! So I figured, I’m well-trained, so let’s keep going!

I’ll leave the contact details for anyone north of the Swan river in W.A. No doubt there’ll be one for the south too.  Or your best bet is to call or google Disability Australia, I guess.

Many thanks to all the team at Create Employment (disability employment specialists) including Florinda, Lex, Shabana, Amy and Leanne!

What a great service- a must for ALL countries to help people like me get back to work, feel useful again and do our bit to fund the scheme by paying taxes! (Something we all do in the end!)

A win win all round, ey?
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3 thoughts on “A fresh start – at the Cookie Factory

  1. Always inspiring others Pete. You are a legend and your progress has been phenomenal. Three years ago most of the medical profession would have written you off. Your determination and the support of all your loved ones pulled you through. We’re so proud of you.
    Sal &
    The Northern Suburbs Stroke Support Group.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thankyou Sally
      I only got here as you said ” from the best suport from my family n friends ”
      Suport I so important ” I can’t stress that enough ” nobody can fight ENLESS they have that !!!!
      And Sally I am proud to be a valued member of you wonderful ” NORTHEN SUBERBS STROkE GROUP
      Xxxx I love you all xxxxxxxxx pete x
      Thank god for the nurses drs therapists at shents n charleys
      Simply awesome girls n guys
      Never ever forget you ,,,, EVER !!!


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