Watch out Hercules! I’m almost ready for arm-wrestling!

Just gotta write this blog right now!!!!

It’s hammering it down here in Perth, but I don’t care. I feel a big change coming!!

I just got a light-strength physio band (in stretchy rubber) and tied it into a hole at each end – one for my foot and one for my weak hand (and arm) to hold. I then lay on the bed so I had no gravity and proceeded to lift.

And it’s WORKING! It’s working the muscle I’ve been struggling with for months – you know, the one you use to lift your arm above your head or to hold a phone to your ear.

It’s gonna work, I just know it!! I’m gonna keep it in me sock draw and use it every night.

Yes it official!!! Pete Coghlan is into stretchy rubber in the bedroom!!!!

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