One locked-in sufferer is back on her feet – after 17 years!

This website was set up primarily to goad, urge, chivvy and generally encourage people who have been paralysed or severely disabled by stroke and locked-in syndrome, along with their families, doctors, nurses and carers. So whenever I come across a positive experience from fellow sufferers like this one, I intend to broadcast it as widely as possible!

Christine (who is now in her 40s) became locked-in 17 years ago and spent most of that time lying helplessly, making no effort to move. Then 2 years ago she began trying to sit forward in her wheelchair, pushing herself forward over and over again. At first, nothing happened, but she kept on trying on a daily basis, constantly pushing her body to make herself sit upright.

Still nothing.  Then, months later, something began to happen – she noticed a little movement which restored her hopes and made her push forward even more.

Today, Christine is standing on her feet and is able to ride a bike!

So the message is clear. NEVER STOP TRYING! The connections may be there now or later but you won’t know unless you keep  trying!

Picture this:  Say, you’re trying and the muscle could be twitching but you can’t see it coz it’s smaller than a pea. You have to build that pea up until one day it’s strong enough to move that limb or finger  or whatever.

I told Christine to try moving a part of her body for half an hour a day, every day for a month or two, timing her efforts to music or something that would help her concentrate.  Several months later and she sent me a video of her thumb – it was moving after 15 years!
Now I can’t promise it will work for everyone but it’s certainly worth a try!

If you want to contact Christine and find out more, please visit her at:

3 thoughts on “One locked-in sufferer is back on her feet – after 17 years!

  1. Thankyou for saying that
    That’s nice
    I can not take all the credit
    I need jacy brean my ghost writer
    To check over it
    And she helped so much on my book
    As I was terrible in the beginning
    I am writing this
    But I need to be checked hahaha
    I am a shocker !!!
    Thanks for commenting xx


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