How my wonderful sister Vicky saved my life!

Have to say a little something about my sweet little sister Vicky: “WE ARE NOT ON DRUGS!!!!”

When I was rushed in to A&E, I was wheeled in scared, frightened, confused, couldn’t hold my head up, losing oxygen, hardly able to open my eyes. They (Vicky and Jade) wheeled me to the window and asked for help desperately.

“Ok” said the woman on reception. “Can you fill in these forms please?”

I could hear and I was thinking: “Noooo, please help me now!!” I was literally dying!!!!

“Has he had any drugs?” was the first question.

“No,” Jade replied.

“Are you sure?” said the woman.

“No!” repeated Jade. “He hasn’t had anything!”

“Ok, take a seat.”

“W-H-A-T? You gotta be kidding!” My sister right then must have been reading my mind. She did what I was thinking; she created a fuss.

“I want to see a doctor now!!!” she demanded. “My brother is in need of help now!!”

“A doctor will be with you shortly,  okay?”

“No it’s not okay! It’s not gonna be quick enough!”

I was thinking Vicky had a temper, thank God,and she was not happy (no one with any sense would ever piss my sister off!!!!)

Vicky began banging her fists on the glass: “I….want….help….NOW!!!” as loud as her lungs would let her(thanks, Sis, those seconds saved my life.


I’m crying here!! God, I love you Vicky!

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