When a nurse couldn’t use a wordboard….a humiliating experience!

Now nurses, I hate telling this story because most of you would never do this, but every now and then, one bad nurse slips through the net.

This took place a mere month after I awoke from my coma:

I was using the head buzzer on my pillow and getting to grips on how to ask for things and the nurses were so good.
But this one night I rang an agency stand-in nurse who came in and hadn’t got a clue what I was blinking for. After five minutes of pointing my eyes at the wordboard, she picked it up, looked at it, then put it down and walked out!!

So I rang the buzzer again with my head, praying for a regular nurse who knew me. But nooo!! It was her again. She came in and said (and this I could not believe!):

“Now listen!! I am very busy. There are a lot of sick people in this ward, so stop ringing the buzzer !!!!” And, no more ado, she unclipped my buzzer from my pillow and left me all night. Pissed myself that night (thanks).

Please learn wordboards. Oh God, please please please!!!

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