Dad’s gone back to Thailand, Now it’s back to the gym and lemon grass!

Feel a bit sad this morning; positive, but sad. My old man’s gone now with wife Noi and my step sister in tow. 
Not sure how many years it’ll be before I see them this time.

I was glad he saw how much I’d improved, and seeing my little rented home. I was living again, something he was told otherwise back in Charley’s in the early days of my illness.

Think what they should say to families is ‘we can’t be sure of anything at this stage’ which would have saved them trying to deal with the worst-case scenario. They went home, I think, with mended hearts, knowing I was doing well – and he loved his Papa time with Jet my little nephew (Sis too! Sorry Vicky x)

Guess it’s back to the drawing board now Dad can’t corrupt me with any more Chinese meals or hog’s breath steaks. Didn’t need much corrupting, ey!!All that grub’s put me back a month, but it was worth it; great to see ‘em. 

Love ya mate x 
(You’d best get in the gym too, Dad. Come on now!!! Lemon grass and rice for you from now on!  
Ain’t that right Sis?!!!!)


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