Fit for 120? Eat well, live well & get your blood pressure checked!

What a lovely week. My Dad and Noi are over from Thailand with my stepsister Narm, and the weather’s being kind for them here in Perth. I’m so glad, coz last week was pants!

We had a Chinese last night – oh my God, we ordered everything on the menu, I’m sure of it. Had to go to the gym this morning and I feel so guilty. I always go O.T.T (eating I mean!) I’m a bloody pig!

My sister has started going to the gym too and it was so nice to see her there – I’m slowly converting everyone. It’s the future!!!

Heard this guy talking on the radio and he said, “We must change the way we think about this death age we have.” Everybody thinks 70 is old, or that we’ll die before 100. What we should be thinking is 120+, because, if we run our bodies on the right things, with a healthy exercise regime we’ve a good chance of living that long, what with modern science and the knowledge we can have.

Just that people don’t: Pies, chips, processed crap, fast food,
binge drinking – we all do it, but a few changes can
add 20 or more years to your life.

I wonder if that’s why my blood was thick? When I banged my head my blood vessels blocked, leading to massive brain stem stroke. Had my blood pressure been checked it would have saved all this bullshit journey I’ve had to face.

So if anyone does read this blog of mine:

BOOK IN the quacks’ ASAP. 2 minutes ey, that’s all! Go on pick up that phone!!!
Get this: There are 15 million strokes worldwide each year!!!
700,000 in America alone (per year!!!)

Resist that ready meal, get peeling them spuds and get ya Jamie Oliver groove on guys!!

(Says me with a gut full of Chinese!) Hahaha



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