Poo in the park, victory and shaking my stick!

Had hard but productive week, although I don’t know why I say that because the last 1200 weeks have been bloody hard! I think it’s because I’ve just had a small victory; I spoke to my local council this week about getting a new bin on the huge big field near our house.

I explained it was really annoying when you have had a stroke and you walk slowly and half way round your dog has one mighty big crap and you’ve gotta walk a mile to the nearest bin. And the bag stinks! I said, “I can bring bags to the park but I can’t bring a bin”!!! The lady I spoke to said she totally understood and would apply to the council, so I thanked her and off I went. Anyway this week it’s been APPROVED! I can’t believe I’m actually excited about that!!! I must be getting old; next I’ll be shaking a stick at people outside my house shouting “Get off my land!!!!”

It’s an airport day today: Mum and Ted flying out, Dad and Noi flying in from Thailand (Mum timed that well, ey? Haha)  Wonder if my dad will notice a change in me? The trouble with strokes, you never see the change yourself but others do!!

One thing is I’m picking him up (driving) – that’s a biggy!! I forget just how much has change in a year – wonder what I’ll be like next year?
Probably bald and shaking a stick!!



One thought on “Poo in the park, victory and shaking my stick!

  1. Hiya, thanks for your comment – glad to hear my posts may have encouraged you; they’re keeping me out of mischief, that’s for sure! Don’t use this site so much now but you can find all my updates on my website petercoghlan.com Cheers! Great to have your support!


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