X-Men or what? Bet this never happens to Wolverine!

I rang the RAC to book a pick up for my dead car that yesterday the two mechanics had told me was basically a right off
“Needs a new engine, mate.”
Yeah well….Did it buggery! Ben Ludlow sorted it in two hours. He rang me up and said: “Now I know you can take bad news, so brave ya self, Pete.”
“Ok…. go on Ben.”
He said: “The bad news is you’ll have to pay for a taxi …..and come and get ya car! IT’S FIXED!!!”

“No way! Really Ben?”
“Yep – two new coils on and two spark plugs and she’s ok!!!”
Soooo happy. That’s unbelievable. One garage told me 500-1500. Two guys told me the engine had gone. And Ben sorts it in 2 hours for 250 dollars! Just goes to show ya in hard times we pay and we don’t know. Ben Ludlow has me and the wife’s car for many years to come now.
So me and Jade celebrated by going to the movies. X-Men was getting great reviews on Facebook, so in we popped. “Two tickets for X-Men, mate please!!”
I showed him my Companion Card which means Jade gets in for a dollar…. It’s for whoever brings you, carer or such like so if ya need help, or if you’re on low income like me, it’s a great scheme.
I said “Meant to be good this, hey?”
And he agreed: “Yeah, real good,” and handed me two tickets for Cinema no 6. We got into our seats excited to check this top movie out and I heard these ladies talking away loudly, but I chewed my lip and tried to ignore it for a good five minutes hoping someone would perk up. But no, no one said a thing. Well, I couldn’t take it, I just had to be the one, so I walked over and said: “Excuse me, can you ladies not sit together and talk?”
“No,” she replied, “I want to stretch my legs in the aisle.”
“Well, do you mind shutting up then, please, cos I want to watch the movie, if you don’t mind. Please.”
I sat down and thought maybe that came out wrong, wishing I’d said that differently. Oh well what’s done’s done. And then after a few minutes we realised we were in the wrong bloody movie!!!! Hahaha! I felt such a plonker and had to walk out! That teaches me, hey?
Bet God was laughing!

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