Family worries and workouts

Crappy morning here in Perth, especially as when people think of Australia, they think sun all year round. But think again; in winter it becomes one of the windiest cities in the world!
That’s a fact too.
I was gonna try do a 12k walk this Sunday, but what with my car and the weather and not many sponsors I abandoned it. Plus I have a lot on my mind: My Dad’s just told me he’s in Bangkok, and there’s a coup AGAIN!! A sudden, violent, and illegal seizure of power from a government.
Everyone is under curfew, everyone must stay inside, they say!! This the 12th coup since 1932, they’re mad them Thais, well only ‘cos I don’t understand. I believe this time it’s due to a standoff between Thaksin Shinawawatra (former prime minister) a Telecom billionaire whose reforms a decade ago created serious rifts between the largely rural north power holders.

That’s about all I can say, I lived there for six months with me Dad and Noi (his wife).
It’s bloody complicated, let’s leave it at that.
Hope Dad & Noi are cool; if there’s one thing I do know is the Thai people are very kind at heart
So westerners should be ok.
I bested me self in the gym yesterday morning on the stepper. Oh my God… I hadn’t done it for weeks! You have to complete this half hour session, you pick the gradients – how steep you want it which I did it but I struggled. In fact, I was a sweat box. The stepper has been a good machine, though, helping me to climb stairs – and to help my hips. When you’re able, I would highly recommend this for those who can walk. I think back to the hydrotherapy pool where I’d ‘sit to stand’ in the from my OT chair, eased , eased by the water – I never imagined I’d be pushing out 3000 steps in half hour! Just goes to show the power of persistence and belief, let no one tell otherwise. Stay focused, get up every day and do what ya can. And remember, lifting that foot or finger, or moving your tongue, smiling or frowning is still kicking ass! It’s all a workout; and it’s never too late to start.
My Facebook friend Christine was locked in for 17 years or something. Now, thanks to Kate Allatt, she believes she can recover too and last I heard was standing with assistance.
She has set up a page called “diary of a fighter “. Christine’s one brave girl – her boyfriend left her and her mother died, yet she refuses to give up! Amazing spirit!
Not everyone can be that positive – that’s exactly why I video my progress and try to inspire, Rocky still inspires me and also Kate now. If I can do what Rocky did for so many people in the world, that will be amazing.
And, if one day I am not on this earth at least I know my book or my (thewizardofoz2011)
YouTube will be helping the next poor sod fight this hellish, seemingly impossible journey.

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