To all you great nurses! Please PLEASE learn to use a wordboard for locked-in patients

Hi nurses everywhere!

Before I start, let me take this opportunity to say you are amongst the most wonderful people on the earth,
and so close to my heart. Thank God for nurses & THANK YOU for being one xxx.

Ok had to get that off my chest.

This blog is for you guys.

Have any of you come across a wordboard? You can see mine at the end of this page, but it’s basically the alphabet broken down into 5-6 differently coloured rows and double-sided so both the patient and nurse can see the letters at the same time. This was my lips for months – ‘bed pan’, ‘ear plugs’, ‘scratch’, ‘sore’, ‘drink’ (thickened), family talk – everything. Like I said, my voice!!

To be a great nurse, you must MUST learn how these boards work, Please!

I found it so frustrating when nurses shied away from it. It’s not that scary;  I even had fun with those nurses who gave it a try, and you might just be surprised at what you’ll find! I was a total smoothy once you got ‘chatting’ to me (maybe a bit flirty too, haha). But we are real people who desperately want to communicate, and it means so much to us. Whether you stuff up or not, we love anyone who’ll sit and give it a go.

So if you’re a good nurse then today please learn how to use a wordboard and become a GREAT nurse.

Thanks lads and lasses. I love ya all!

Image, Pete x